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Kellyville Football Homecoming 2014

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Homecoming will be September 19th with the coronation starting at 6:30: kickoff at 7:00. We will also be having a parade at 2:15 with a pep assembly to follow at 2:45. 

Kellyville Homecoming Shirts

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We are now taking orders for homecoming shirts. Attendants will be on the back of the shirt. We are doing pre-order's only with a $15 dollar charge: please make checks payable to Kellyville Quarterback Club by September 9th, 2014. You can see Mrs. Collier to order: her email is colliera@kellyvilleschools.org or call (918)247-6333. 

Letter Jacket Orders

Letter jacket orders will be due by September 16th, at 8:30a.m. at the Kellyville High School. We will need a $200 down payment, please make checks payable to: BSN Sports. 

Breast Cancer & Cancer Survivor T-Shirts

In order to honor our breast cancer & cancer survivors and also remember those who have passed, FCCLA is printing a t-shirt for Breast Cancer month in October- $5 per shirt will go to an organization to help treat cancers. To complete the shirt we will need the names of the survivors and those that have passed in our community. Please email combss@kellyvilleshcools.org or mccleery2013@gmail.com with this information. 


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