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JOM Parent Committee

Darla Speck:Director

Kelli Crawford: Chairperson

:  Vice Chairperson

Sky Lalanne:  Secretary

Sharon Whitehead:  Member

Amber Fulks: Member

Stephanie Vinyard: Member

Scholarship Opportunities

Native American Education

January Election Meeting

January 8, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. at the Upper Elementary Room 26.

All positions are up for election.  Please plan on attending

Welcome to the Native American Education Page

The Title VI and JOM programs are designed to assist Native American students by supporting access to programs that meet their unique educational and culturally related academic needs.

Title VI Program

Title VII is a federally funded program through the Department of Education operating within the Office of Indian Education in Washington, D.C.   Funds go directly to local programs to meet academic, social, and cultural needs, as well as college and career planning. All students of Native American descent are eligible to participate. Student's tribal affiliation must be recognized by the federal government.   Eligibility does not consider income level.   Procedures for enrolling your school-age child as a member of the program begins with the completion of a Title VII Student Eligibility Certification Form (506), which may be obtained at any school office. 

Johnson O’Malley Program (JOM) 

Johnson O’Malley is a federally funded program through the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Office of Indian Education in Washington D.C.   Funds provide academic tutoring,  student field trips, and cultural activities.  To be eligible for services under JOM, you must submit a copy of your child's Certified Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) Card, or tribal membership card/letter. Eligibility does not consider income level. 



2018-2019 School Year Meeting Dates

 Meeting begins at 6:00pm, located in the Upper Elementary Room 26

Septmber 4

October 2

November  6

December 4

January 8

February 5

 March  5    

 April  9      

 May  2         

 June  and July.  No meetings

 August   6    


Native American Students Scholarship Opportunities


Native American Females Scholarship Opportunity


Program Information:

1.The Muscogee (Creek) Nation will pay up to five advanced placement exams per citizen,per year

2.Applicant may apply for incentive annually

3.All checks will be made out to the applicant’s site or reimbursed to the place in whichthey will take the exam.

4.Students who do not attend required testing date will be responsible for the unused testingfee as well as any fees paid on behalf of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.

5.Students who fail to attend required testing date(s) will be ineligible to receive furtherincentives until the Johnson O’ Malley office receives payment.


Eligibility Requirements :

1.The applicant (student) must be an enrolled Muscogee (Creek) Citizen and possess acitizenship card.

2.The applicant must reside in the United States.

3.The applicant must be currently enrolled in advanced placement courses.

4.Completed application (attached)

5.The following documents must be submitted with completed application:

          a.Copy of Muscogee (Creek) Nation citizenship card

          b.Proof of enrollment in advanced placement course(s)

6.Student must submit exam results within two weeks of notification date.


For Additional Information Contact the Johnson O’ Malley Program at: T: (918)732-7840           


School Clothing

School Clothing applications may be acquired at :


Tutor Availability


Elementary: Karen Sams and Trish Pieratt

Upper Elementary: Sherry Shadrick 

Middle School/ High School: Christy Loy and Dorothy Parrick 

Scholarship Opportunities