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Student Accident Insurance

Student Accident Coverage - why might i need this? 

  • My child currently is not covered under any insurance plan...
    • This would cover them either all year or during the summer only, or at school coverage only, depending on what plan chosen for the described benefits. 
  • My family plan or current policy on my child has a high deductible...
    • This student insurance scheduled benefits has a $0 deductible. The student insurance would start paying at dollar one up to the limitation of benefit as described under the plan purchase. 
    • If the charges are greater than the scheduled benefits on this student insurance, then your original family or current policy could step in to pay as an excess policy. Your high deductible would then become applicable; however, after that deductible, that policy would pick up on the remaining payments which are owed. 
  • I know my student athlete is not covered under any of their school's insurance if they are injured while participating in their sport...
    • I know it's a high likelihood that a student athlete can be injured during practice and/or games. If I don't have any personal insurance, I can be out of pocket a lot of money to pay for injuries. 
  • My child plays high school football.
    • There are different coverage options that apply specifically to football. Please read the descriptions of coverage very carefully! You will have to specifically pick one of the following which best describes where and when you would want their coverage to apply. 
      • High School Football - Full Year
      • High School Football - Spring Only Coverage
      • High School Football & At - School Accident (Also covers all athletes)
      • High School Football & 24 - Hour Accident (Also covers all athletes)