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Parental Responsibility / Nonattendance

Oklahoma School Law Section 229. ­Neglect or Refusal to Compel Child to Attend School -- Exceptions.­

It shall be unlawful for a parent, guardian, or other person having custody of a child who is over the age of five (5) years and under the age of eighteen (18) years, to neglect or refuse to cause or compel such child to attend and comply with the rules of some public, private or other school, unless other means of education are provided for the full term the schools of the district are in session.

Attendance problems requiring action shall include the following:

  • A student has been absent without valid excuse for four (4) or more days or parts of days within a four (4) week period, or is absent without valid excuse for ten (10) or more days or parts of days within a semester. (from State Law 192)
  • A student is habitually tardy (arriving after 8:15) without a valid excuse, or is habitually checked out of school before 2:45 p.m. without a valid excuse. Procedures are as follows:
  1. The school will attempt to notify the parent/guardian that they are in violation of the law. 
  2. If necessary, the case will be filed with the District Attorney for prosecution. If found guilty, the parent/guardian will be responsible for fines and court costs. 

Student illness, family illness or death, family hardship, doctor or dental appointments, or court appearances may be considered valid excuses. In instances in which a child has been ill several days, a doctor’s excuse or other documentation may be requested. Most physicians and dentists are happy to provide a written excuse at the time of your visit.

Parents will be notified by mail of a student’s excessive absences.




Being on time is an important life and work skill that signifies respect for ourselves, our teachers, and our peers. Very few tardies, regardless of the reason, are excused by the principal because class time is valuable. The tardy will be unexcused even when the parent signs the child in or attempts to place the blame on himself. Medical issues or emergencies will be reviewed individually.


Classes begin at 8:15. Students who do not enter their classroom before 8:15 must report to the office for an admit.