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Graduation Requirements

Kellyville High School Graduation Requirements

To graduate from Kellyville High School a student must complete 25 units of credit including both state and local requirements. 

PBP (Proficiency Based Performance) tests will be given twice each year (within the first ten school days of each semester).  A score of 90% or better must be made in order for the student to obtain credit for the test taken.  The courses for which the tests may be taken are:  English, math, science, social studies, foreign language, and the arts.  Requests to take the tests must be made to the counselor at least one week prior to the beginning of the semester. 

A total number of correspondence courses which will be accepted at Kellyville High School is 3 one-half units.  Correspondence subjects should be subjects which will replace courses which were failed. 

All correspondence subjects must be approved by Kellyville High School.


College Preparatory Curriculum Units Core Curriculum Units
English 4 Language Arts 4
Mathematics 3 Mathematics
Laboratory Science  3 Science
 History Citzenship Skills 3 Social Studies 3
Foreign Lang or Computer Tech 2 The Arts 1
Additional unit from above 1 Computer Tech 1
Fine Arts or Speech 1 Electives 8
Electives 6    
Total 23 Total 23 

Advanced Placement courses will carry a weight of 2.0.  O.S.S.M. (Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics) courses will carry a weight of 1.5.  Honors courses will carry a weight of 1.0.  Concurrent enrollment courses, if taken on the Kellyville campus and monitored by a Kellyville teacher, will be considered an honors class and will carry a weight of 1.0.  Concurrent classes taken away from the Kellyville campus will receive no additional weight.  Class rank will be determined by weighted GPA.  The Valedictorian, Salutatorian, and other honor students must be enrolled in at least one Honors Class their senior year to qualify. 



Honors and Advanced Placement Classes:                                                                                  

AP Courses: Statistics, Government, English III & IV, Biology, Chemistry, and Studio Art. 


Honors Courses: Algebra I & II, Geometry, ACT Math, Precalculus/College Algebra, American History, World History, English I, PreAP English II, College Bound English III & IV, ACT English, Physical Science, Biology I & II, Chemistry, Anatomy/Physiology, Physics, Zoology, Advanced Computers II, III & IV, Art III & IV, Spanish III & IV

Graduation Participation

If a high school student is within one (1) credit or less of graduation, (s)he will be allowed to participate in all graduation activities.  The student must also provide detailed information to the counselor showing they are enrolled in summer class or alternative education to meet graduation requirements.