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Kellyville Elementary

Kellyville Elementary currently serves grades PK-2nd grade. For more information regarding enrollment, please see our enrollment page. 


  John Castillo Principal, Elementary

Elementary Staff

  Melissa Archer Pre-Kindergarten
  Vanda Bartlett Interlocal - Elementary
  Beverlee Calvert Elementary Visual Arts Instructor
  LaDonna Cartwright Librarian
  Karrah Cronister 1st Grade
  Hallie Davis 1st Grade
  Melanie Fees 2nd Grade
  Kristian Green Kindergarten
  Briana Kelley Pre-Kindergarten
  Lori Ratcliff 2nd Grade
  Michelle Rombow Interlocal - Elementary
  Cindy Schwickerath Kindergarten
  Carla Slater 2nd Grade
  Jessica Rosa 1st Grade
  Shawn Thornbrue Elementary PE / Athletics
  Rhonda Wadsworth Reading
  Tina Webb Kindergarten
  Anna Westhoff Speech Pathologist

Note from the Principal:     John Castillo

It is my pleasure and privilege to serve as principal for the students and staff of Kellyville Elementary School.  We see all of our students as capable of great things and we enjoy discovering the ever-changing world of education and life with them.

We encourage every parent and care-giver to engage in as many aspects of their child’s school life and academic performance as possible.  You will be more than glad that you invested your time, effort and attention in keeping up with your student’s daily (sometimes), weekly, monthly, and quarterly progress.  Please, encourage your child to keep you informed of their academic performance (grades).

Show them that you really care, with healthy accountability;  based on your regular accessing of their grades, etc., through Progress Reports, checking backpacks, folders and binders; and building and maintaining strong/healthy relationships with their teachers. 

 I welcome your feedback, through email, note, visit, or phone call.

 John Castillo