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Head Lice

Kellyville Schools Head Lice Policy

In order to limit the spread of head lice, teachers, the school health aide and other staff will perform “head checks” on a regular basis, beginning with the first week of school.  For these efforts to be effective, the following procedures are necessary:


All students with any head lice or nits must be picked up immediately, when the school health aide, secretary, or other staff notifies the parent or emergency contact person.   


After your child has been properly treated, you (or another adult) must bring your child to the school health aide to be checked.   Please do not just send your child back to school.  If the health aide finds your child to be nit-free, your child will be allowed to go to class.  If any lice or nits are still in the hair, your child will have to be taken home.  Your child will be allowed back in class only after the health aide has checked and he/she is nit-free.  Seven to ten days after returning, your child will be rechecked at school.  If lice or nits are found, you will need to treat your child again. 

How To Get Rid of Lice and Nits

Lice are found on every type of person. They are spread only by people. Lice can not jump or fly. Lice and nits/eggs are very hard to get rid of and are hard to see. They are very small (flea-sized) and neutral in color. Nits/eggs are very tiny, oval or teardrop shape and are attached to the hair follicle. They can be white, brown, or black in color. Treating only the hair will NOT get rid of lice or nits/eggs. Your must treat all areas and all at the same time. If your child has lice or nits/eggs, for best results, FOLLOW THESE 4 STEPS:



        Shampoo hair with medicated “lice shampoo”. It is not necessary to cut or shave the hair.

        Shampooing will kill the lice but NOT the nits/eggs, even if it states that it will. The lice   

        may crawl down their head, cheeks, neck, and back trying to get away from the shampoo.

        Shampooing in the bathtub will keep the lice contained and they can be washed down the

        drain when you are through. After shampooing, dry the hair with a hairdryer. Once the

        hair is dry, use the special comb, which came with the lice shampoo, to comb the hair

        thoroughly. This will help remove the nits/eggs but the comb will NOT get all of them.

        The nits are glued to the hair shaft and will not flick off like dandruff or dry skin. They

        must be PULLED off by hand. To do this, use a bright light and go through the hair in tiny

        sections. If you see a nit pull or slide it down the hair until it comes off the hair. Do this

        until every nit is removed. This may take a few hours so you’ll need to take several breaks.



        When the hair is free of lice and nits/eggs the next step is to CLEAN. Wash everything

         that can be washed, in the hottest water that is safe for the material. Dry-clean items that

         can’t be washed. Everything your child’s hair has been on or near needs to be cleaned the

         same day you shampoo.

        WASH towels, bedding, pajamas, robes, clothing, coats, hats and soak combs, hairbrushes,

        barrettes, etc. in Lysol solution for 1 hour.

        VACUUM all carpets and rugs thoroughly, especially under and around the beds, couches,

        and chairs, and in front of the T.V. Change the vacuum bag after vacuuming.

        BAG-UP ( air tight trash bags using twist ties) all toys that can’t be washed, such as stuffed

        animals, baby dolls etc. They need to be kept bagged up for 2WEEKS.

        CLEAN or treat other objects like backpacks, headphone, car upholstery etc.



        Check all family members for lice and nits. Treat if necessary. Inform family members,

        caregivers, friends, and anywhere your child has been. They may need to be treated as well.



         In severe cases or if lice and nits reappear, you may need to repeat steps 1,2, 3 in 1 week.


It cannot be stressed strongly enough how necessary it is to DO STEPS 1,2,3 completely and thoroughly ALL ON THE SAME DAY. If you don’t do all the steps on the same day, other family members may get lice, or your child may be re-infested.