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Medications and Their Administration at School


Prescription Medication:


Medication may be administered upon written authorization from a parent.  Prescription medications must be in a pharmacy container, properly labeled by a pharmacist, with the following information provided:


1.  student's name,

2.  name and strength of medication,

3.  dosage and directions for administration,

4.  name of physician or dentist,

5.  date and name of pharmacy, and

6.  whether the child has asthma or other disability which may require immediate dispensation of    



Non-Prescription Medication­

All medication and relevant equipment must be delivered by the legal custodian or the legal custodian’s adult designee to the school office or clinic.  The medication must be in the original container with the student’s name attached.  An authorization form must be completed by the legal custodian for each new medication.  Authorizations must be renewed annually.

School personnel will be unable to give medication that is delivered by a student, or medication that is not accompanied by an authorization form. 

Students who share, sell, or distribute medications to other students will be subject to serious disciplinary measures.

The complete Kellyville Public Schools Medication Policy is available upon request.