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Lily and Maggie


              Family!!                A father and his             daughters
My 91 y.o. father on Father's Day
Dad turns 94 y.o.
Dad's are Awesome!

FACS Program

Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS)
Family & Consumer Sciences (FACS)
What is FACS?

Family and Consumer Sciences Education refers to an educational program designed to assist individuals and families with knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of everyday living. This program consists of instructional programs, including, but not limited to:  food and nutrition, housing and home management, leadership skills, clothing and textiles, Hospitality careers, Oklahoma Tourism and careers related to Family and Consumer Sciences. 

I believe a FAMILY is Special!

As you can see, my family is very special to me.   I love teaching FCS because it is what I believe in.  Thanks to my parents, I was raised learning values and life skills that I hope to share with you.  Below is a picture of my husband and two sons. 


Sandy Combs, FCS Teacher & FCCLA Adviser

Summer 2019 Oregon Coast

           Whale Watching

           Sea Lion Caves

                Santa Cruz, CA