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Michelle Rombow

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Welcome to Ms. Rombow's PreK Class

Dear Families,

     It is with great excitement and anticipation we begin the school year. Your babies are about to begin the adventure of school and we must work together to guide them in the right direction.  I have prepared the ABC's of Preschool to answer many questions about our class. You will also receive a Kellyville Schools Handbook that addresses school policies. Our district website provides a great deal of information that will help you stay informed about school news and events. Should you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact me through a note in your child's folder, a phone call (my number is listed in the BEE folder)  or email


     Your child's BEE folder should be returned to school each day in the backpack. Important notes, forms and your child's work will be inside the folder. Students begin learning responsibility each morning with their folder. 


     My background consists of a bachelor's degree in education and several areas of certification. I also hold a master's degree in early childhood special education. I have been teaching nearly 30 years and remain excited about my profession like it was the first day. Teaching continues to be a joy for me! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your child's introduction to school.


     We are also fortunate to have 3 paraprofessionals working in our class this year, Mrs. LaDawna Hollingshad "Ms. Dawna", Ms. Mary Hayes and Mrs. Jean Parham. All have classroom experience and children of their own. They make our classroom team dynamic!! You can be  assured that the children in our class are very well taken care of!


     The ability to communicate in an effective and appropriate manner is a vital skill. Lack of good communication can lead to frustration and behavior problems for children. We focus on communication and language in every aspect of our school day. 


     Life skills and independence are also a big focus in class. We want children to learn to do as much for themselves as possible. 


     Our class behavior policy is that everyone is expected to be respectful and kind. 


This is going to be a fantastic school year!

Ms. Rombow



918-247-6300 Elementary Office

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