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Paula Kirkendoll

Classroom Rules

Kirkendoll's Rules for Classroom Behavior


         Classroom Expectations                         Artwork Expectations
              Be Prompt                                                  Be Prepared
              Be Polite                                                     Be Productive
              Be Positive                                                 Be Original


Classroom Rules -
1. Come to class on time.

    Standing outside the door and rushing in after the bell has begun to ring will constitute a tardy. You must be INSIDE the  

    door when it begins ringing to be counted on time.
2. Get your project and supplies needed for assignment "Don't wait till after the tardy bell."

    Information is on the board. Please do not wait for me to remind you to begin since I need to take roll and attend to other

    duties for the first few minutes of the period.
3. Attend to personal needs before coming to class.

    I have been instructed to limit passes, so please do not ask for a pass unless you have a true emergency.
4. Remain in your seat unless it pertaining to your project you do not need to be up wondering around.
5. No food gum, candy or pop allowed in class you can have water as long as it is in a bottle with a lid and is kept

    under the table.
6. Bring required materials every day unless you are otherwise directed.
7. Talk only when permitted.

    Be aware since quiet talking is allowed in some situations and speaking to the entire group without raising your hand may

    be allowed in others. I will remind you once and expect compliance.
8. Use polite speech and body language.

    Unkind teasing and impolite behavior is unacceptable.
9. Follow the teacher's directions immediately.