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Nicole Pinkerton

Classroom Announcements!

HEY SCIENCE FRIENDS! I am Mrs. Pinkerton (formerly Miss Conner from the 2017-2018 school year). My philosophy on teaching is that every student has the ability to learn, and the role of the teacher in education is to place knowledge into a student’s life in a way that can be absorbed in the most efficient manner. Schools should serve as a training ground for life, so that a student may leave the educational system with skills that equip them towards success. Science in general is all about grasping your inner curiosity about the world and seeking answers about the unknown. In my classroom we will be learning through an inquiry based approach using empirical evidence in order to better understand the world in which we live.  Students flourish most when they have an army of supporters. Those supporters come in the form of family, peers, community members, and teachers. As a teacher I want my students to love learning, and I want to be able to provide a supportive and creative environment for education to take place. 


The best way to contact me is through email:

Chemistry is the study of matter, its properties, how and why substances combine or separate to form other substances, and how substances interact with energy. Chemistry is an algebraic science which means we will do lots of math based problem solving.  

Physical Science is the study of non-living things including: chemistry, geology, astronomy and physics. In physical science, we will spend the first semester focusing on an introduction to chemistry and second semester focusing on an introduction to physics. Physical science provides an important stepping stone for future more advanced science courses.




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