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September Teacher of the Month: David Keiffer

David Keiffer has a BSN from the University of Oklahoma.

He has been teaching for 4 years. 4 years at Kellyville.

His current teaching load involves Biology.

Keiffer coaches 6,7,8 grade Girls Basketball.

His interests outside of school include Church, Basketball, Fishing, and Hunting.

His wife of 36 years, Sarah

His children include Katy -23, Audrey - 13, Natalie -12, and Garrett (Son-inlaw).

Only advice: Learn to Learn

September Girl of the Month: Tempest Joice

Tempest has attended Kellyville for 14 years.

Her favorite memory is when the cheer team won regionals and is going to state as champs.

Tempest’s favorite teacher is Mr. Archer. He taught Tempest that it is okay to fail, which is hard for a perfectionist.

Her activities involve Cheerleading, Beta, and StuCo.

Favorite Meme - Kermit the frog drinking tea (That’s none of my business)

Favorite Hashtag - #SeniorSunday #GoPokes

Future plans- Get an agricultural degree at OSU, marry a handsome man, get settled on a huge ranch, and start a beautiful family.

Have fun, get involved, stand up for what you believe in, don’t be fake, and do your homework.

September Boy of the Month: Matthew Vaughan

Matthew has attended Kellyville for 14 years.

His favorite school memory is Mr. Harvey’s 6th grade Leadership Class.

His favorite teacher is Mrs. Rose because she wants every student to learn.

His activities include Football, Powerlifting, Track, Influence, Academic Team, and Beta.

Favorite Meme - Roll Safe

Favorite Hashtag - #godspeed

He wants to go to OSU to learn Computer Engineering.

Set your goals high, and don’t stop until you reach them.