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Application Procedures

Application Guidelines

 At Kellyville Schools we offer employment on two levels, certified personnel and non-certified personnel:

  • Certified personnel pertains to all persons who are certified to teach at the public school level. All certified personnel should submit a resume along with their application for employment.
  • Non-certified personnel pertains to all other positions: substitute teachers, maintenance, aides, janitorial, etc. Persons wishing to apply for a non-certified position should turn in a completed application for employment and you may also turn in a resume if you wish, but it is not required.



Note: Certified teachers who wish to substitute teach should fill out a certified application.

Both certified and non-certified applications can be picked up at the administration office on campus. You can also download certified applications and non-certified applications on our website. In addition, you can request an application be sent to you in the mail by sending a written request to our administration office and including a self addressed, stamped envelope.  Applications should be returned to: 


Kellyville Public Schools
PO Box 99
Attn: Personnel
Kellyville, OK 74039


Applications should NOT be faxed to Kellyville Schools.