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Policies & Guidelines


  1.  Students may be required to walk a short distance to the bus stop.
  2. Passengers should be prompt in reporting to the bus stop, arriving at least five minutes before scheduled bus arrival.  Bus arrival schedules should normally be consistent with exceptions being the first week of school, substitute drivers, unforeseen traffic delays, and inclement weather conditions.
  3. “Honk service” or “door to door” will not be provided.  There may be days, especially during bitterly cold weather, that passengers seek shelter until the bus arrives.  In that event, passengers should be alert and prepared to board the bus without delay at the regular stop when the bus arrives.
  4. Passengers shall remain seated when the bus is in motion.  Upon boarding the bus, the students should be promptly seated.  Students should also be alert and prepared to depart the bus at the appropriate stop, causing no delay.  The bus driver shall be authorized to assign seats if it is deemed necessary to maintain passenger control, an efficient schedule, and/or other reasonable administrative purpose. 
  5. While waiting for the bus to arrive at the bus stop, students will stand a safe distance from the roadway until the bus has arrived and come to a complete stop.
  6. Students shall cross ten (10) feet in front of the bus.  Students shall never cross behind the bus.  If it is necessary for a student to cross a lane of traffic to board or depart, they must have eye contact with the driver and should wait for the driver to motion them across.
  7. In case of a bus accident or breakdown, passengers should be orderly and follow the directions of the bus driver.
  8. Students wanting to ride on a bus other than their assigned bus must bring a signed note from home and have it signed by the Site Principal.
  9. Students cannot get off the bus at any stop but their assigned bus stop without permission from the parent and the Site Principal.
  10. Activities not allowed on the bus include eating, drinking, transporting animals (including show-and-tell days), having glass containers, or devices that play music loudly.
  11. Parents and students are responsible for the cost of repairs for damaged bus property caused by student vandalism.
  12. Pupil misconduct on a school bus endangers the lives of students, drivers, and the general public.  The driver shall report such incidents to the Transportation Supervisor by using a conduct report.  If more than three reports are issued during the year, suspension from riding the bus may occur.  Notices issued subsequent to the first notice can result in a conference with student and parent.  Types of passenger misconduct which may result in loss of bus riding privileges include:
  1. Deliberate defiance/refusal to cooperate with driver.
  2. Obscene and unacceptable language, gestures, remarks or literature.
  3. Unusually; loud talking or other undue noise.
  4. Throwing/shooting items of any kind.
  5. Spitting in the bus or out the windows.
  6. Scuffling, teasing, or bullying other students on the bus or at the bus stop.
  7. Deliberate delay while loading or unloading.
  8. Refusal to stay seated, turning around in the seat, standing or moving around the bus.
  9. Use of tobacco or tobacco products (including simulated products), matches, lighters, drugs or alcohol on the bus.
  10. Extending any part of the body or objects out of the window.
  11. Tampering with bus equipment.
  12. Vandalism and destruction of property.
  13. Restricted items or material on bus.
  14. Any other violations endangering the safe operation of the bus.
  1.  When weather conditions necessitate the closing of school, every effort will be made to notify the news media by 6:00 a.m.  If inclement weather occurs during school hours, every effort will be made to return the pupils home at the regularly scheduled time.






  1.  The first time a student creates a disturbance, the driver will verbally warn the student about what rule the student is breaking and further warn the student that if misconduct continues, a conduct notice will be issued.  If the first conduct notice is issued, the driver will inform the student that his or her parent must sign the notice and that the student must return the conduct notice to the driver when boarding the bus the next time the student rides.
  2. If a second conduct notice is issued, the student’s parent must call the Transportation Director (918-247-6133) and sign the conduct notice before transportation is resumed.  The purpose of calling the Transportation Director is to discuss the conduct issue, the possible consequences, and hopefully arrive at a resolution.
  3. If a third conduct notice is issued, a student’s bus riding privileges are automatically suspended for three (3) days.  The parent must call the Transportation Director (918-247-6133) before transportation can be resumed.
  4. Upon receiving a fourth conduct notice, an Elementary student (PK-6) will receive a five (5) day suspension.  A fourth conduct notice for a middle or high school student can result in bus suspension for the remainder of the quarter.
  5. If an Elementary student receives a fifth conduct notice, he or she will be suspended for ten (10) days.  A fifth conduct notice for a middle or high school student can result in bus suspension for the remainder of the semester.
  6. In the event that a student receives a sixth conduct notice, he or she will be suspended from riding the bus for the remainder of the school year.  In this instance, conduct notices must be signed by a parent and returned before transportation will resume the following year.
  7. SEVERE CLAUSE:  A severe clause is an action that will occur immediately if the misconduct or incident is serious and jeopardizes the safety of the passengers.  Examples of severe behavior may include:  fighting, weapons, alcohol, smoking, drugs, and verbal, physical or sexual harassment or abuse.  Such infraction will result in immediate suspension from the bus.  Also, discipline may result from school on a case by case basis.
  8. If a child receives a conduct notice from the bus driver and does not return it to the driver within two (2) days, the school will notify the parent that conduct notice has been issued.
  9. APPEAL PROCEDURE:  A parent/guardian desiring to appeal the issuance of a misconduct notice or subsequent punishment may do so by contacting the Transportation Director at 918-247-6133.  The supervisor shall notify the Site Principal of such a request.  The appeal shall be heard within five (5) days of the request unless an extension is requested in writing by the parent.  The request for an appeals hearing shall temporarily restrain the implementation of a suspension unless the Transportation Director or the Site Principal determines that in the interest of bus safety and/or good order, that the suspension is necessary or the hearing cannot be conducted in a timely manner.